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Set Pieces: Don’t Let Christiano Biraghi Near Them

Free Kicks Should be taken by midfielders or forwards.

AC Chievo Verona v ACF Fiorentina - Serie A
Apparently Biraghi can’t defend well either...
Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images

Set pieces are one of the most important elements in football. If teams can capitalize on set pieces they have a better chance of winning. There is a reason why teams focus on them so much. With that being said it is important to put a teams best foot forward to take free kicks. Since Bernardeschi and Ilicic are no longer on the team la viola are looking for some new players to step up and take free kicks. Jordan Veretout had some early success with a goal against Hellas Verona earlier this season. Even though Veretout had success, somehow Christiano Biraghi had two attempts against Chievo Verona.

Christiano Biraghi is a defender. Generally, left backs do not have the same type of pin point accuracy that forwards or midfielders do with free kicks. Chances are if they shot the ball better they would not be a defender and would be a midfielder. Either way Biraghi must have shown something in practice to give Stefano Pioli confidence to put the young left back in a position to take a free kick. In fact, he even had a play drawn up for him. If anyone watched the game against Chievo Verona they know that Biraghi squandered his opportunities big time.

It is understandable to want a left footed shot to take free kicks. Keep in mind that Biraghi has been playing football professionally since 2010. In his time playing the sport, the young Italian has one career goal according to One goal in seven years does give any reason to let the guy take two shots in a game on set pieces. Biraghi has a reputation of being a solid defender with some pace. That has not necessarily been on show that much this season in Florence. He has shown signs, but also has not run away with the starting left back position.

In conclusion, the game against Chievo Verona was extremely frustrating. When the game was in reach with two free kicks in the last 20 minutes, Pioli went to Biraghi twice. Jordan Veretout should have received one, if not both of those opportunities. Veretout had a great shot against Hellas Verona and has shown to be a free kick specialist. Biraghi looked lost and seemed to be clearing the ball away from the goal instead of shooting it at it. Hopefully, Pioli does not go to Biraghi again anytime soon for another free kick.