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Pescara vs Fiorentina postponed due to snow

Well isn’t this just a perfect effing winter wonderland?

Frosty weather in Moscow
See, you can totally still get to the Stadio Adriatico.
Photo by Sergei Savostyanov\TASS via Getty Images

Serie A officials have decided to postpone yet another Fiorentina match. This time, in fairness, it doesn’t look like a match could be played at the Stadio Adriatico in Pescara, due to the pretty impressive snowfall that’s swallowed the ground whole. On the plus side, you get to sleep in on Sunday. And before anyone talks about the players going soft, have a look at the pitch.

The best part is that the teams were still willing to play, but the league called it off due to concerns about road quality and the safety of the fans, which is actually sort of nice. But yeah, that looks more like the setting of an outdoor hockey game than a football match.

The downside, of course, is rather larger. There’s no word what date the match will be played yet, but it’ll probably be held midweek in another month or two, which will put it right in the thick of Europa League and Coppa Italia territory. The upshot, of course, is that we’ll probably have the joy of watching this team stagger through another 3 matches in a week, which, as you may recall, was pretty unpleasant during the Sassuolo-Genoa-Lazio stretch.

The only real positives here are 1) Borja Valero will have more time to recover from the tweaked ankle he suffered in training, and 2) this will give the club more time to evaluate their transfer plans. However, the delay favors the Delfini: without the distractions of domestic or international cups, they’ll be fresh when they face a Viola squad that will probably be physically and mentally exhausted when they finally meet. It’s a suboptimal setup to play the bottom team in the league, and it wouldn’t be shocking to see Sousa’s men drop points.