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Fiorentina release new third kit

Orange? Brick? Faded red? Not quite sure what to call them, but they look rather nice.

Gonzalo Clone army is now a reality.

Le Coq Sportif has released Fiorentina’s new third kit for the season, and it’s definitely a little different from the third kits we’ve seen previously. It’s a color I’m not quite sure how best to describe, but that definitely does not go well with Gonzalo Rodriguez’s sneakers.

The trim around the collar is a bit weird, but overall, it’s not a bad third kit. It’s not quite as nice as the all-grey with purple trim third kit LQS cooked up last season, but at least it’s not whatever the hell Kappa did to Napoli a few years ago. As Fiorentina generally use their third kit sparingly—maybe once or twice a season—don’t expect to see much of it on the pitch; it’s definitely more in the "collector’s item" category.