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Paulo Sousa is moving

No, seriously, this is what we’re reduced to during the international break.

ACF Fiorentina v AC ChievoVerona - Serie A
Need more of this face.
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

You may have thought that the transfer window closing meant the end of the silly season. You forgot, though, that silliness is the ever-solicitous attendant of sports. As players trickle back from their international duties and teams resume practicing, you might have thought today would be a nice, quiet period for relaxation and reflection. But then again, you’re not a calcio reporter in Italy.

Translated (and absent the embarrassingly misused hashtag and such), Bargiggia’s tweet reads, “Paulo Sousa is close to saying goodbye to Fiorentina: he’s ended his lease and sent his furniture home to Portugal.” Woah, yikes! Clearly, big stuff is happening in Florence today! Everybody better freak out!

Except, of course, that there’s a much more reasonable explanation for what’s going on, which Sousa happily provided when asked. The Portuguese mister explained that no, he’s not quitting or being fired; rather, he’s moving houses, which a quick bit of investigative work would have easily discovered. Rather than hightailing it back to Portugal, he’s not even leaving the Bagno a Ripoli neighborhood.

Not to pick on poor Paolo Bargiggia, who’s been summarily torn apart on Twitter for his Chicken Little reporting, but this is the exact kind of panic that makes the international breaks unendurable. Sousa, remember, is set to accept the Torrino de Oro at a ceremony tomorrow. The award, usually given to (honorary) Florentines who bring prestige to the city, has gone to a number of Viola players in the past.

Moral: before you report that a demonstrably popular manager is on his way out, maybe check your sources a little bit. Sunday and the trip to Genoa can’t come soon enough.