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OFFICIAL: Chloe leaves Viola Nation

And here I thought that the Rossi-to-Celta-Vigo headline was the saddest I'd have to write this year.

Gilardino is not pleased with this development.
Gilardino is not pleased with this development.
Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

In news that's shocked the entire Viola Nation community, it's been confirmed that managing editor/editing manager/resident expert/all-round badass Chloe Beresford is leaving VN to write for Football Italia. It remains to be seen if the blog has managed to sign any last-minute reinforcements to fill her place in the squad, although there's certainly no way to replace that kind of quality.

Chloe's been running this ship since Lorenzo left us last December, and has done a brilliant job in making it a welcoming and informative place. Her dedication and professionalism have always been unimpeachable, and her knowledge of and family ties to Fiorentina put her in a unique position as a blog boss. She's hit the ground running at Football Italia, of course, which doesn't surprise anyone. Keep an eye on their front page for her byline, as she's bringing a badly-needed Viola slant to that venerable publication.

In her own words, "The community on VN is something to be incredibly proud of, full of intelligent debate, insight and humour. I'll still be going to watch  Fiorentina and making you all jealous with the photos so you can't get rid of me that easily! Thanks to all for the support!"

We'll try to keep Viola Nation running at the same level of regular, quality production without her, but it won't be the same. I'll be taking over as the head honcho on an acting basis, which is bad news for everyone who's sick of historical non-sequiturs and hipster jokes. Nolan KB and JSE1926 will continue to do their typical high-level work, while Lorenzo and Huw Thomas will handle our game-time Twitter and occasionally pop in here as well.

But the big thing here is to bid Chloe farewell and wish her the best in her new endeavor. Have at it, folks.