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Mario Gomez is still a problem

Besiktas believe that the Viola owe them money for the German. Ugh. Uuuuuuuuggggghhhhhh.

Germany - Ascona Training Camp Day 9
Hi, I’m Mario Gomez, and I like to be problematic.
Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images

Remember Mario Gomez? Large German fella, theoretically a brilliant penalty box striker? Generally looked entirely helpless while wearing purple? No, not Marcelo Larrondo. The German guy. Yeah, good hair. Very handsome. Yeah, that one. He’s still a problem for Fiorentina, which seems weird, considering that we all moved on from him two years ago.

Buying Marione from Bayern Munich was, in hindsight, an abject failure. He never meshed with Vincenzo Montella’s tactics. He was always hurt. His confidence deserted him and he turned into one of those strikers who becomes painful to watch: Michael Owen, Fernando Torres, Falcao, Edinson Cavani. You know the type. Sending him to Besiktas on loan was kinder than taking him out back and, er, hastening his demise, but it also gave the Viola a chance to forget he even existed.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Turkey agreed with the Germany star, and he led the Superlig in goals. The Black Eagles (man, that’s a really metal nickname) seemed certain to redeem his rights at the end of the year and give Fiorentina at least a small return on their original investment in him.

Mario had other ideas. After burning Fiorentina with his laughably bad performances, he burned them again by refusing the move to Besiktas. After several months of waffling between returning to Turkey, returning to Florence, demanding a move to Spain or Germany or England, and complaining that the Viola tifosi were being mean (and also impressing with die Mannschaft at the Euros), he accepted a €7 million move to Wolfsburg. All done and dusted, right?

Nah. Besiktas now claim that they had an agreement in place with Fiorentina to take half of those €7 million, and that they’ve only received €1 million; they’re now threatening to appeal the matter to UEFA. It’s the latest in a long string of irregular transfers in which Fiorentina have become embroiled (Adrian Mutu, Mohamed Salah, Joaquin, et cetera), which is embarrassing enough. Losing the extra €2.5 million would only add insult to injury. This is probably the sort of thing that will die down quietly in a few months, but it’s still a bit of a concern.

In summary: dang it, Mario Gomez. C’mon.