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BatiGol Weekly 51: Time to hit the ol' silks

It's time for your weekly "don't try this at home" musings from your editorial staff and update of Viola stories from the past week.

That face you make when you realize you don't have a parachute.
That face you make when you realize you don't have a parachute.
Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Before I begin making this extended metaphor, I should make it clear that I know absolutely nothing about parachutes. The closest I've ever come to using one (outside of using a drag chute for sprint training one time) was when I was about seven and at a friend's house and his mother had to stop us from jumping off the roof with blankets like Disney's Aladdin. So.

As the transfer market opens up, I've got parachutes on the mind again. A device to slow you down a little bit as you rush headlong towards a splat-tastic and unheeding earth is pretty useful, after all, especially during the unbridled optimism of these two summer months. Every player looks pretty good on his YouTube highlight reel, so it's easy to get excited about a 20 year old who tore up the Lithuanian second division. It's also easy to see some scrub club get, say, a German international striker for just €5 million, and then wonder why the heck Fiorentina can't make deals like that. It's easy to accelerate towards aneurysm-level rage or morphine-level bliss during the mercato. If only there were some way to pump the brakes.

Yall may have noticed that one of the themes I tend to stick to in these is the importance of maintaining an even keel as a fan (well, that and dumb, esoteric knowledge and painfully dorky jokes), so this shouldn't surprise anyone. But, as Corvino signs a succession of teenagers from South America and the Balkans while selling established Viola stars for peanuts, anger and frustration are relatively reasonable responses. But also remember that the market does not exist to give Fiorentina an advantage, that Pantaleo is a pro and a freaking ninja, and that we're all getting worked up about 11 dudes running around on a nicely manicured lawn. So maybe have a cold glass of water or a warm cup of tea, take a walk, enjoy some videos of cats online; generally, just hit the ol' silks and gently coast back down to earth.


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Comment of the week

It's not often that we want to highlight something that makes me wince, but longtime poster (and former Viola Nation writer) Mike-R did a number on himself. Keep him in your thoughts.