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BatiGol Weekly 54: Laissez les bon temps roulez

Let us tell you why you should be celebrating this week.

Not quite the dancing we had in mind, but you do you.
Not quite the dancing we had in mind, but you do you.
Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

This is a good week for a lot of reasons. We've got Fiorentina getting back in action against professional teams (the Greek Superleague counts, dang it) and looking pretty darn good doing it. All of the Viola dudes who've been on extended breaks due to international duties should be rejoining the squad this week. The transfer market news has gone quiet, which means that Pantaleo Corvino is probably about to introduce several signings. And, even if all of these seem like desperate attempts to grasp some sort of positive from a long summer that's been packed full of football without any of it having anything to do with Fiorentina, well, you're a poopyhead and I'm not listening, so there.

Instead, I'm going to put on some festive music and enjoy this brilliant summer (or dreary winter, for all you antipodal types) day. This isn't just because I took today off from work (although not being at work really helps with the whole celebratory vibe), though. It's because anything could still happen this year for Fiorentina. This is far and away the most hopeful month of the year for a Fiorentina fan: a few minor signings have arrived, but management has promised some big names to really push the squad over the top. The squad is busily hammering a bunch of weaker teams and looking excellent while doing it, especially all the youth players who are totally going to break out this year and become the next Jovetic/Babacar/Bernardeschi/whichever teenage sensation you prefer.

So, before Fiorentina somehow ships 3 goals in a friendly loss to Poggibonsi and sells Borja Valero and Gonzalo Rodríguez for a total of eleven euros and a Def Leppard T-shirt and decides to focus its transfer strategy exclusively on players from the second tier of Kyrgyzstan, we've got these idyllic few weeks. Let's enjoy them before the usual omnipresent gnawing panic of Fiorentina fanhood resumes its usual place in the pits of our bellies, gnawing at every positive feeling we have, leaving us hungry and definitely not with a tapeworm problem.

And so, to quote the great Groucho Marx, "Let joy be unconfined. Let their be dancing in the streets, drinking in the saloons, and necking in the parlor." Take us home, Groucho.


Latest news

Fiorentina have signed a 2 year loan deal for a young and unproven Argentinean speedster. Still waiting for Corvino to sign some dudes I've actually heard of.

Here are the transfer rumors as of this past Tuesday.

And again, as of this past Friday.

We've got Fiorentina's Serie A schedule for next season, and boy howdy is it a doozy.

Oh yeah, and the Viola won a preseason friendly against Greek side Panetolikos and ZOMG THEY'RE GOING TO GO UNDEFEATED AND WIN THE SCUDETTO.

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