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BatiGol Weekly 47: Let's talk about ghosts

But we promise that it won't be too scary, because we're saving that for our mercato reports.

So much scarier than Gozer.
So much scarier than Gozer.
Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

You know what we never talk about here during the BatiGol Weekly? You know, aside from all the other things we never talk about? Ghosts. The answer is ghosts. You may not know this, but sports teams are actually fertile ground for paranormal activity. For example, if you swing by the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, you can still hear the echoes of John Terry's butt hitting the grass just in front of the penalty spot, or that you can still hear the nun weeping on windy nights from Arjen Robben's absurd simulation that got Massimo Gobbi sent off in the Champions League. If you don't want to confine yourself to soccer, there's the curse of the Bambino, say, or what I assume is a curse that Gregg Popovich puts on anyone he dislikes with is glare.

What I'm saying, then, is that sport is full of these noisy ghosts that shape the current narrative and the later history. Stevan Jovetic really burst into superstardom in that Bayern tie, making good on the promise he showed against Liverpool, and is still carrying that specter with him, now that he can't find a team willing to take him (by the way, JoJo, you should still have Corvino's number). But what about all the little ghosts that are never even really born? Think about it: somewhere out there is the ghost of Giorgio Chiellini wearing purple for 15 years. Or Fabrizio Miccoli shaving his eyebrows on the Ponte Vecchio. Or Ruben Olivera becoming a Fiorentina legend (okay, that one was a joke). What I'm saying is that these ghosts of unfulfilled possibilities exist, however faintly.

Transfer season, though, is the ultimate ghost season. Fiorentina selling Borja Valero? Buying Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Selling all the players to focus on full-contact origami? Why not? This is always correctly termed as the silly season, but it's also kind of sad, seeing all of these ideas that never come to light. Like the ghosts of sharks that still swim in oceans that used to cover what's now dry land, give a thought to those little stories that never got a chance. Then brace yourselves for the deluge that's coming, because the mercato opens in just a couple of weeks. The deluge is coming. But hopefully not the sharks.


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Comment of the week

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