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Fiorentina Unveil New Kit for 2016/17

Le Coq Sportif launched two new Fiorentina kits in the City yesterday


Fiorentina revealed two stunning new kits at an event in the Odeon Cinema, located inside Palazzo dello Strozzino on Thursday evening.

The home and away shirts were modeled by Federico Bernardeschi, Davide Astori and Borja Valero along with Giulia Orlandi and Alia Guagni who were representing Fiorentina women's FC. A main sponsor has yet to be announced, although the club have confirmed that they are in talks with a new company after failing to secure shirt sponsorship last term.

This is the second kit to be produced by LeCoqSportif, a brand that has impressed not only with its merchandise but also with eye-catching artwork and Fiorentina-themed photography that has been displayed via their social media channels.

The French firm has created a YouTube video to celebrate the launch of the new kit which will be can be viewed below, meanwhile another event will be held on Friday evening at Fiorentina Store Duomo.