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BatiGol Weekly 42: Soporific

All about staying up in the Europa places and staying up late.

Gonzalo, pictured here on the verge of getting that early-evening nap.
Gonzalo, pictured here on the verge of getting that early-evening nap.
Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

It's that time of the morning again when the alarm clock goes off and you've already hit snooze twice and now you actually have to drag your tired carcass out of bed and pretend to be constructive for the rest of the day. If you are familiar with this process, it is one less thing you have in common with Fiorentina right now, because the whole team seems to be comprised of Dormolivos.


Guys, there are only TWO MATCHES LEFT this season. 180 minutes remaining to watch Fiorentina struggle and flail and run around hopelessly and lack cohesion and generally fail. And then, we enter the void. Three months without football. Three months with nothing but the vicissitudes of the transfer market to sustain us. Three months without seeing anyone wearing a purple shirt kick a ball in a meaningful way; the Intercontinental Cup and the preseason friendlies against semi-pro teams don't count, so don't even try.

Yeah, these last few months have been disastrous. Slipping from stylish capitolista to a Europa League club limping to the finish is about as disheartening as anything this club's managed since the days of the Checchi Goris. It's late in the season, and we all have to wake up early so we can get a healthy breakfast and go to work and be productive. But let's stay up past our bedtimes and watch these last two matches instead of sliding into sleep. Because in just two weeks, it'll all be gone.

So get some coffee, do some jumping jacks, and then settle in, because we're not done yet.


Latest news

News requires something to happen. The Chievo Verona match was the opposite of things happening, so it's not news in that sense, but here is our coverage.

Here is the latest round of ridiculous transfer rumors. Enjoy.

Must read

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Comment of the week

Johnny Bee killed me with this Ante Budimir/LoTR joke that is my favorite internet thing this week. I am dead and buried. RIP me.

That's it for this week, folks. Let's try to wake back up before Palermo comes to town. Who knows, maybe it'll inspire the players to follow suit.