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BatiGol Weekly 43: Bllllllluuuuuuuuuuuhhh

I'm just, like, totally out of ideas here.

Maybe this'll cheer me up.
Maybe this'll cheer me up.
Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

This week's BGW is going to be a little bit shorter than usual, because I'm trying to keep myself from just slamming a string of curse words onto my keyboard out of frustration with Paulo Sousa, the Della Valles, all the players, and, I suppose, pretty much every entity even remotely associated with this club. It's like when your puppy won't stop pooping on the carpet: you still love the little guy, but COULD YOU NOT DO THAT PLEASE?

Anyways, if you need me, I'll be shouting and cursing into my pillow.


Latest news

Here is some more clarification on Sousa's Viola future.

The most exciting thing about Fiorentina recently has been the rumor market. Here is your update.

Luca Toni is finally riding his SmartCar off into the sunset. Read our farewell here.

Manuel Pasqual may be on his way out after 11 years. Here are the details.

Oh yeah, Fiorentina played Palermo. Here is our coverage, but, like the match itself, there's just not much there.

Must read

Can't call it news because nothing has happened, but here is what's up with Mario Gómez.

And speaking of Marione, find out what he and the other loaned out players are up to here.

Comment of the week

Welcome, poznak. We swear it's not usually this dour around here.