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BatiGol Weekly 39: Purple blues

We may not know much about color science, but we know that this one's going to take some serious consideration.

This week's BGW is just a series of Kalinic derp-faces.
This week's BGW is just a series of Kalinic derp-faces.
Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Allow me to pose an existential question. Can the Viola get the blues? Violet, after all, is a purple that approaches a bluish hue, but there remains a certain purple something that prevents it from being blue. But then again, blue and purple aren't the only colors in the equation, considering how many Fiorentina fans are seeing red right now. That pushes us more towards a mauve, which doesn't help either.

Setting aside the visual chromatics, though, in favor of musical ones, we can pretty firmly assert that the Gigliati have the blues. The team's diatonic performances have skipped pretty much all the high notes, leaving only the lows. I therefore submit that the powerful baritone of Muddy Waters, who brought the blues up the river to Chicago from the Mississippi Delta, is emblematic of this team right now.

And so let's give the floor to Mr. Waters, who'll give us a set based on Fiorentina's season, from a cautiously optimistic start to a giddy middle to the end: "Still a Fool," "I'm Ready," "Trouble No More," "Got My Mojo Working," "I Can't Be Satisfied," "Don't Go No Farther," "Take the Bitter with the Sweet," and "You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had."

So as hard as it feels right now, like you just want to sit and pick away at your guitar named Betty and sing away the pain, keep in mind that, all things considered, this has been a season of over-achievement, considering the arrivals and departures and budget cuts and general gloom that had us by the nape for much of the summer. Another fourth-place finish certainly isn't what we want, but it's not super embarrassing, either (see Wenger, Arsene). You got one more for us, Muddy? How about "The Same Thing?" Because flying as high as they did in a rebuilding year is pretty impressive, even if it makes the subsequent fall hurt that much more, and a top-four finish (again) is nothing to sneeze at.


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