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BatiGol Weekly 35: Commencing countdown, engines on

10 matches left. 10 integers in a countdown. 1 common goal: liftoff. Coincidence?

Stop. In the name of love.
Stop. In the name of love.
Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

I keep telling msyelf, "This could be worse." I mean, I remember the Delio Rossi year. I remember Siniša Mihajlović's reign of blood. Heck, the very end of San Cesare Prandelli's tenure wasn't exactly a joyous couple of months. So now, looking at a Fiorentina that just got mauled by Roma and has trickled into fourth in Serie A, I still can't be that angry or disappointed.

Some of this, I think, is endemic to Viola fans. This team has always played lovely football (except under some of the aforementioned regimes), scored lots of goals, and lurked right on the fringes of Scudetto contention. Every year, we hope and/or expect that this year is going to be the one that launches Fiorentina into the Champions League or a permanent top-3 spot in the table or something, and every year, we're bitterly disappointed when, due to a paper-thin squad ravaged by injuries or poor form, the final result is agonizingly short.

But then again, past performance doesn't guarantee future results. Even after the hiding from Roma, Fiorentina could pass the Lupi for the all-important 3rd place with some strong results. Paulo Sousa and company have built the rocket, built the launch pad, and are waiting to push the red button. Everyone together, now. "10, 9, 8, 7..." and let's hope it doesn't end like, well, this.



If there had been a match against AS Roma last week, you'd find the coverage here. But there wasn't, was there? No? Good. Moving on.

Comment of the week

Did you hear that the Stadio Artemio Franchi is now open as a wedding venue? Well, now drew t's honey has. It went well.