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BatiGol Weekly 35: Sad sad music

Put on your favorite mopey songs and whimper along with us.

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Fiorentina has, over the past several years, been the most musical team in Serie A. From Vincenzo Montella and his Three Tenors--Borja Valero, David Pizarro, and Alberto Aquilani--to Gonzalo Rodríguez playing the Stadio Artemio Franchi (no, seriously, click on that link), this has been Euterpe's team in Italy.

And, even when the music this team makes on the field doesn't lead to results, it's usually still music. The commitment to attractive, attacking football is commendable and good, even though it doesn't lead to the success you might want. The question, then, is whether selling out is worth it.

So, while we're waiting to see if the Della Valles will splash the necessary cash to make this thing big by selling out and buying some more players (analogies are really hard to sustain for more than, like, a paragraph), let's keep enjoying the music, even it's not exactly what we want to hear. Heck, if you're feeling particularly morose, drop some of your favorite downer songs in the comments. Maybe it'll help.


Latest news

The transfer window is only a few months away, so catch up on all the latest "news" here.

Permanently-injured Yohan Benalouane may be leaving Florence sooner than anticipated. Details here.

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Must read

Here is the list of Viola players getting international callups. Shout out to Matías Vecino for making Uruguay's senior squad for the first time.

Turns out Borja Valero is really good. Here is where we show you why.

Comment of the week

baelfire definitely knows how to explain Sunday's, er, experimental lineup.

Well, that's it for BGW this week. Stay tuned for more of the good stuff.