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Poll: How upset are you that Fiorentina got bounced from the Europa League?

On a scale from Sebastian Frey to Artur Boruc...

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Following Fiorentina's ignominious exit from the Europa League yesterday, it's hard to figure out we (the fans) are supposed to be feeling. Let's break it down the positives and negatives, then reach the sort of rational, considered decision that the online sporting community is so well known for.

Hooray! We're free of the Europa League!

Have you seen the teams still in the tournament this year? Three quarters of the remaining teams are very good, and the other four are talented enough be troublesome. The scheduling is unkind, too. The first tie of the next round falls the same week as the AS Roma match, the first tie of the semi-finals is four days after the Juventus match, and the final is three days before the season-ending Lazio game. Putting resources into other competitions could significantly increase the odds of something bad happening that would knock the Viola down another place or two in Serie A. And, frankly, this team badly needs the injection of money and prestige that Champions League qualification would bring, since it would force the Della Valles to improve the squad over the summer.

Alas, we're out of the Europa League.

Feeling complacent about a loss, any loss, is not good. The Europa League was this team's best chance of silverware this year. This loss is emblematic of a larger lack of ambition in the team. With the performance of the other Italian teams, and considering how well the English are showing, this could set the coefficient back significantly, which would severely hinder future Champions League qualification. I mean, pick which one or ones of these you like.