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BatiGol Weekly 33: Porters, stouts, and ales

In which we discuss beers. And a couple of Fiorentina-related things, but mostly beers.

Cristian Tello discovers it comes in pints. And he's getting one.
Cristian Tello discovers it comes in pints. And he's getting one.
Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Fiorentina's newfound penchant for dramatic finishes, it's hardly a surprise that one might turn to a nice pint or two to settle the nerves. Or maybe you've trudged to the pub in despair after Milan Badelj's moron of an agent started popping off about the midfielder leaving the club. Or maybe you had to pull a can out of the fridge after reading Luigi Sepe's spectacularly dumb Instagram complaints about his loan move to Florence. Whatever the reason, here's your venue to discuss your favorite beers. Because if people are going to make fun of us for being hopeless hipsters, we're going to give them so much ammunition they won't even know what to do with it.

So, in that vein, go ahead and list some of your favorite beers in the comments. And no cheating by posting vodkas, James.


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Comment of the week

Congrats to baelfire for this picture of Antonio Conte that makes me giggle uncontrollably every single time I look at it.