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Carlos Salcedo has some interesting family drama

Salcedo's sister, Paola, after a brief romance with Brazilian legend Ronaldinho, is dating Mexican striker Alan Pulido, who Salcedo's father Carlos Sr. now suddenly wants to represent.

ACF Fiorentina v Atalanta BC - Serie A Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Carlos Salcedo, who signed with Fiorentina on loan this summer, has mainly since recived attention for his promise as a part of the future of the Viola defense. Back in Mexico however, his family is in the tabloids for other reasons.

Salcedo’s sister Paola, a showgirl, is currently dating Mexico national team and Guadalajara, striker Alan Pulido. Puldio signed with Chivas following Carlos’ departure this summer.

This may be standard football gossip, but to make matters more complicated, according to Viola News, the father of Carlos and Paola, Carlos Salcedo Sr., is a player agent who is suddenly trying to represent Puldio, which could be an additional source of family intrigue.

Carlos has recently severed relations with his sister, following some disputes.

Paola Salcedo was previously linked with Ronaldinho, during the Brazilian legend’s brief period with Mexican club Queretaro.