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Marcos Alonso did a cool thing for Chelsea this weekend

Huh. Maybe he really was worth €23 million.

Hull City v Chelsea - Premier League
23 million euro man.
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

It seems like years since Marcos Alonso graced the pitch for Fiorentina, but it’s actually just been a couple of months. The Spanish leftback moved to Chelsea on a €23 million transfer, which positively boggled our minds around here. After all, we’re talking about Marcos freakin’ Alonso: he’ll run up and down manfully for 90 minutes, dutifully crossing the ball (even occasionally to someone in the box) or shooting when he’s in the right spot, and generally be about the 12th-best player on the pitch.

Then again, you don’t really expect the 12th-best player on the pitch to hit this incredible pass to Pedro over the top with his weak foot, either. Yes, the defense went a bit walkabout (seriously, what the heck is Chris Smalling doing?), but it’s still a brilliant bit of play from a guy we used to knock regularly.

Marcos has looked just fine in his return to England, particularly as a wingback in Antonio Conte’s new 3-4-3 setup. He’s really come good, especially in light of the recent comments from Paulo Sousa, who indicated that he would have signed off on selling Alonso for just €4 million.