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Adrian Mutu is the new DG at Dinamo Bucharest

I cannot believe that I just typed that headline. I need to go lie down now.

Fiorentina v AC Milan
This is the calm, rational face of the man you want running your club.
Photo by Newpress/Getty Images

Dinamo Bucharest have hired distinguished alumnus Adrian Mutu as their new director general. Just let that sink in for a moment. The Cainii Rosii decided that the man they wanted who’s in charge of all the big decisions at the club, the man who’s their equivalent to Pantaleo Corvino, is Adi %@#&ing Mutu. I keep on waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out from behind a corner and tell me I’ve been Punk’d.

Mutu played 33 matches for Dinamo in 1999 and 2000, scoring 22 goals before being snatched up by Inter Milan during the winter window and carried to either fame or infamy, depending on who you ask. In terms of goals-to-games ratio, it was the most successful period of his career, and Bucharest clearly carries some fond memories for him.

There will doubtless be questions about putting such an unpredictable character in charge of one of Romania’s heavy-hitters (18 league titles through their history). We’re going to hear about the drug issues at Chelsea, the fight with a waiter, the attempt to adopt a baby found in a sewage pipe in China, the further drug problems at Fiorentina, or the lurid and unproven whispers from the backwater corners of the internet about his sex- and drug-fueled parties tired up with vampirism.

But he’s also a legend for Fiorentina—143 appearances, 69 goals, 26 assists—and Romania, where his 30 goals in 64 matches makes him top scorer for his country, ahead of fellow legend Gheorghe Hagi. While it may be a wild ride for Dinamo, there’s no doubt that Mutu has magic to spare, and maybe he’ll manage to scatter over the rest of the club.

And, because I’ll take literally any excuse to post it, just look at what he did in a purple shirt.