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Watch: Bernardeschi plays in a perfect corner for the opener

It’s the Viola winger’s first international assist, and it was a beauty.

Italy Press Conference
And he looks even better on the pitch.
Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Psst. Did you know that Federico Bernardeschi is really good? Like, really really good? Because if you didn’t, seeing him drive this inch-perfect outswinging corner onto Andrea Belotti’s foot for Italy’s opener against Macedonia should probably convince you. Because it’s about as perfect a delivery as has ever existed.

While Borja Valero and Josip Ilicic both deliver excellent set-pieces, sort of makes you wonder why Berna never gets a chance to hit the corner kicks for Fiorentina, since he’s clearly got the skill to use his targets in the box the way Tim Duncan uses a backboard.