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BatiGol Weekly 30: Tick tock

In which we discuss the slowly grinding gears of time.

Berna is intrigued by the intricacies of 3-D modeling the Doppler effect with nothing but hair care products.
Berna is intrigued by the intricacies of 3-D modeling the Doppler effect with nothing but hair care products.
Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Well, here we are again. Constrained in linear, unidirectional time, incapable of perceiving what else flows outside of it. In this particular circumstance and in slightly less abstract terms, we're approaching the end of another transfer window; as the deadline nears us, it accelerates and grows shriller, ramping up the intensity until it passes, fading into distance and memory like so many before it.

For a team like Fiorentina, chronically in desperate need of quality depth, that shrillness is a siren, screaming as it approaches, alerting fans that hey, something important is happening here. This is your chance to fix everything that's broken, to bring in backups who can actually play, to sign promising youngsters, to really take the next step up. THIS IS IT OH MY GOSH CHASE EVERY POSSIBLE PLAYER'S SIGNATURE.

Okay, but yeah, that's never been how this club has gone about business. I can only remember back so far, but I can't think of a time when the club had a top-notch starting eleven with no holes, and enough backups to cover for injuries, exhaustion, and the attrition of your average season. That's part of why I love this club: it's imperfect and frustrating and (in comparison to the mega-rich clubs) heart-rendingly incomplete, and will, barring some really unforeseen circumstance, remain that way forever. It's not as perfect as being a Barcelona fan, say, because you're not going to win every trophy and sign every good player you want. But supporting this imperfect, ambitious, and flawed club is somehow much more human and satisfying, even as it frustrates the heck out of us, and it's worth remembering that the frustration is part of why we love it, even as it Dopplers its way into irritating us even more.


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Comment of the week

We all love Josip Iličić because he's merely a conduit through which genius occasionally expresses itself, independent of his action or effort. nickviola pretty much nails it here with one of the most perfect cross-sports observation ever.