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BatiGol Weekly 29: Panic? Panic.

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In which we discuss the pros and cons of AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART.

The face of a man trying desperately not to lose his composure.
The face of a man trying desperately not to lose his composure.
Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

You may have heard about Fiorentina's recent skid. Three games in a row, right down the toilet. And, since the transfer window is open and the squad is shallower than a Lannister gene pool, it's pretty obvious what needs to happen: it's time to go full Oprah and buy everyone a new player. Check under your seats and see what you find (Disclaimer: it's not gum. Please don't eat the gum from the bottom of your chair. A centerback for you, a winger for you, a rightback for you, a midfielder for you, and et cetera.

Or at least that's the well-reasoned response that seems to be the general vibe around here over the past couple of weeks, which is pretty cool. I can only imagine what, say, this would look like if we were a message board. Verily, there would be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Hairs would be rent. Tables would be flipped. Really dumb comments would be posted. And, as usual, there's pretty much none of that here. So thanks for making this a really excellent place to hang out, even during these mildly disastrous days.

And seriously, how disastrous is it? Yeah, the losses are piling up, but they've all been to talented teams, teams that have invested a lot more this past year than Fiorentina. I have to keep reminding myself that this year was supposed to be a transition year, and that, after a ridiculously good start, there's bound to be some regression to the mean as opponents begin to figure out how to stop this team. As a wise man once said, "Nothing is ****ed, Dude. Nothing is ****ed." Paulo Sousa, Daniele Pradè, and company are very good at their jobs and have forgotten more about handling this stuff than any of us know. So let's continue to keep the panic to a minimum, because the club is still in good hands. Or at least let's not freak out until CAN YOU SIGN SOME PLAYERS ALREADY WHAT IS THE HOLDUP GAH I HATE THIS SPORT AND NEED A NEW HOBBY.


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Comment of the week

wolfpackallday knows how the transfer market works. Fear him.