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Fiorentina Players in FIFA 16 - How do they measure up?

The latest iteration of EA's annual soccer romp is here, but how do they rate La Viola's players?

Fiorentina manager Paulo Sousa disagrees with the 75 rating for Babacar, insisting it should be at least 77.
Fiorentina manager Paulo Sousa disagrees with the 75 rating for Babacar, insisting it should be at least 77.
Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

The release of FIFA 16 is right around the corner. With the game becoming increasingly complex (at least, for those of us who cut their teeth on Sensible Soccer,) the annual announcement of the players' ratings has become something of an event.

For people with a virtual soccer itch that needs to be scratched, getting to know the revised roster is possibly the highlight of the year. Not only does it give us a chance to acquaint ourselves with the players with whom we'll be spending the next twelve months, but it affords us the opportunity to bemoan EA's inability to do anything right, ever.

They're clearly biased.

They haven't got a clue.

I heard they're all Juventus fans.

While the yearly roster release was once a chance to see which players had been given the silliest alternative names in Pro Evo (Batistuta - Butatista and Roberto Carlos - Roberto Larcos being among the best), the big reveal is quite the event. But what's Fiorentina's squad looking like this year?

Gonzalo Rodríguez 80

Nenad Tomović 75

Milan Badelj 77

Matías Vecino 73

Nikola Kalinić 74

Federico Bernardeschi 71

Ciprian Tătărușanu 75

Davide Astori 79

Matías Fernández 77

Jakub Błaszczykowski 80

Mario Suárez 79

Borja Valero 82

Giuseppe Rossi 80

Manuel Pasqual 77

Marcos Alonso 75

Khouma Babacar 75

Facundo Roncaglia 75

Luigi Sepe 73

Josip Iličić 78

Oleksandr Iakovenko 70

The squad isn't quite up to date. FIFA still have Basanta and Joaquin at the club, while a few of the new signings haven't been added yet. This is usually addressed with a downloadable patch in the coming weeks.

Only three players break through into the 80s. Rossi, Borja, and Gonzalo are the best Fiorentina players in the game, while Błaszczykowski is also rated highly (though still technically at Borussia Dortmund as things stand.)

Because this is FIFA, pace is everything. As such, you probably won't be seeing too many people playing as Fiorentina online. For those interested in players with pace, Roma seem to be signing players exclusively to placate 14 year olds with internet connections and an committed attitude to offensive slurs.

One interesting thing to note is that Mati Fernández has a five star skill rating, meaning he can do all those fancy flicks used by people who want to show off. Juan Cuadrado also maintains his five star rating, despite his soul crushing stint at Chelsea and subsequent loan to Juve.

The demo for FIFA 16 will be out later today for Xbox users. Playstation players might even have it already. Fiorentina won't be featured in the playable demo, so fans will have to wait until 22 September to get their hands on the full game.

Who should be rated higher? Which team will be this year's under-the-radar favorites? Will Giuseppe Rossi's knees be accurately replicated in virtual form?