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Batigol Weekly #11: After the flood

Every culture has stories about floods, and Viola Nation does too, although in keeping with our usual practices, it's a little more metaphorical.

No, Paulo, you can't play John Travolta's character in the community theater version of Pulp Fiction, even if you dance really well.
No, Paulo, you can't play John Travolta's character in the community theater version of Pulp Fiction, even if you dance really well.
Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

There are all kinds of floods in this world: floods that result from climactic or geographic conditions, floods of tears, the Flood from Halo, flood myths from Gilgamesh to Noah to Deucalion, my entirely unintelligible high school coach whose surname was Flood, floods of cheese (this is a good flood), and floods of memories. This past week has included several of these floods at Viola Nation, so let's briefly go over them.

The biggest flood in Florence right now isn't a result of the Arno overflowing its banks and tickling the bottoms of the shops on the Ponte Vecchio. No, this flood is composed of the new players who've inundated Florence this transfer season. Unfortunately, it's not quite as big of a flood as we'd like (not what we call a turkey-drowner here in Texas), as it didn't wash any fullbacks into town. Like any flood, it dampened some spirits while providing what could be invaluable resources to the land, and some detritus even floated away in its currents.

So what do we do after the flood? Do we rebuild everything as it was before? Do we try to make it better? Or do we start making an ark, and have all the players file in two by two? Or do we just carry on like nothing's different, at the risk of a spectacular faceplant?


There are no right or wrong answers to these questions (except for maybe the faceplant option). With the stressful climate of the transfer window behind us, now it's just blue skies and football until January, and that's good enough.

The Latest

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That's about it for this week's news, and HAHAHAHA MERCATO RUMORS ARE ETERNAL. Meet Fiorentina's latest potential acquisition (h/t to Barry-Viola for the inside scoop).


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Comment of the Week

One of the great questions of our era.

Okay, folks, we've got games again this week, so I'm going to go pack away my flood pants and get ready to watch again after the agony of the international break.