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Batigol Weekly #14: Sugar High

We are going to feel this way forever because there is no crash.

We are going to eat so many Snickers, guys.
We are going to eat so many Snickers, guys.
Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Perhaps this is an American thing, but does anyone else remember dressing up and trick-or-treating on Halloween as a kid (or last year--we don't judge too much here)? Then, when you got home, exhausted from walking around and still in full costume, you would pour all your candy out on the floor and just stare at it for awhile? Then your parents would break the trance and say, "You can have one piece, then it's time for bed." And you'd pick out one piece, maybe the Reese's cup, and then brush teeth and go to bed.

But your were still too excited to sleep, and you get up in the middle of the night and go to your bag of candy and have another piece. Then another. And another. And within fifteen minutes, your small body had consumed about three pounds of chocolate and sugar and you are filled with the power of a thousand suns, so energetic that your very atoms vibrate at a frequency previously unknown to man, and you are become death, destroyer of candies.

This is pretty much what being a Fiorentina fan feels like right now. You are invulnerable and perfect and so is the team you love and it will last forever and la Viola will never fall out of first place, ever, ever, ever.


Latest News

Fiorentina took care of business in Bologna. Here's the link to the preview, game thread, recap, highlights, and stats.

Also, there was the small matter of a game against Inter Milan yesterday. Relive the glory (or at least our coverage of it) here.


We're still looking for submissions for our new series Better Know Florence. Email us your favorite stories about the city.

Viola legend Cesare Prandelli discussed Fiorentina and his feud with Giuseppe Rossi.

Paulo Sousa and captain Gonzalo Rodriguez talked some shop ahead of the Inter game.

Comment of the week

Oh my goodness, so many to choose from. The Inter thread and recap comment sections are really excellent, so go look at them again. Since Lorenzo picked a whole section last week, though, I probably ought to pull the trigger on one.

Hats off to Dr. QS for topicality.

Song of the week for Fiorentina fans

Sugarcube, by Yo La Tengo

That's it for the week. Comments are open for news tidbits, vagaries, and accusations of hipsterism.