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BatiGol Weekly Ed. 13: Mixed Emotions

Another low scoring league win has the Viola off to a decent start, but only after capitulating in their European opener

The man? Or just the man, man?
The man? Or just the man, man?
Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Now, if you think I would be just lazy enough to base an entire BGW around a mediocre song from a great band that still broke the top 10 in the USA, you are entirely correct.

That's right folks, this entire article is entirely designed to compare Fiorentina and their current state of affairs to the song "Mixed Emotions" by The Rolling Stones, off of the 1989 not-so-classic album, Steel Wheels.

"you're not the only ship / adrift on this ocean" -- Viola faithful, tearfully, to each other
So yeah. Things are ... wait how are things? That loss against Basel was no fun, but we've won 3 out of 4 in Serie A. The Viola aren't playing particularly well, but much like the Stones in the late 80's, they're still turning out results remarkably often. The kids are starting, Babacar has 2 in 2, Giuseppe Rossi is getting minutes - but no hang on since when are Gilberto AND Nenad Tomovic immovable starters? What on Earth is this formation?

With a pseudo derby on Wednesday and undefeated Inter away on Sunday, the feelings may be much less mixed - and more congealed in a particular shape - come next Monday. But for now Paulo Sousa is in the blender, with our angsty, experienced, drugged out Brit rock souls.


Are you Mick? Are you really?


You can catch up on all the formal coverage on the victory against Carpi on Sunday here, and the stats are here.

That Polish fellow whose name I never really learned messed up his shoulder, but will probably be ok on Wednesday.

You keep trying to forget about us losing to Basel, but here are the numbers to remind you about everything that went wrong.


Tito knows all about ugly. Winning ugly that is. (oooo sick burn dude, etc, etc).

Not enough love for Nolan's special "busts" edition to the Where Are They Now series... Javier Portillo?!? Hipster CRED is being handed out left and right here.

More Viola players enjoying Florence. MORE!

Babacar and Kalinic would be cool combined into one player, but mainly just read this for the poll.


This is not meant as a cop out, but as a genuine compliment: basically the entire comments section on Chloe's (also highly recommended) article on the state of affairs between the Curva Fiesole and the Della Valle is a masterclass in discourse, reasoning, and tact. I would say something pithy like "get educated," but apparently, if you are reading this, you don't have to.

That's it from me, I look forward to visiting with more terrible ideas very soon. Also AW MAN WE HAVE ANOTHER GAME SO SOON.