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Curva Fiesole make their feelings known, ADV responds

The game against Genoa highlighted unrest in Florence between fans and owners

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

In spite of a tenacious victory on the pitch on Saturday; Fiorentina's match with Genoa was played out under a backdrop of tension between fans and owners of the club. The Curva Fiesole issued a statement before the game outlining their position after a turbulent summer:

"This wasn't a mercato that could undercut our passion, but no one should take advantage of [our passion]"

"The annoyance is palpable in the city, not just in the Curva... [because] we see further away our 'important objectives,' to win something, to be clear"

"If we were 'clients,' after how the club looked like s*** in various dealings this summer, no one would have renewed their confidence"

The statement went on to say that they continue to want the players to be close to the fans, to which they admit to having seen progress over the summer (there has already been an open training session at the stadium and various opportunities to meet the players).

In addition to the statement were several banners were unveiled in the Curva during the game:

"20,000 season tickets merit respect. We are in love with the shirt NOT with your "project"

"You send Pradè...but where is your face?"

"11 warriors with a knife between their teeth. We want a squad of fighters"

After such a strong stance from the fanbase, of course it was inevitable that owner Andrea Della Valle would be asked by the press about the views of the fans, but the surprising thing here is that the patron did not take the opportunity after the team had secured the victory to try and smooth over the issues in a positive way.

"I don't like drama, but the climate [in the fanbase] the past 3 months I define as disquieting... But for the rest make your own valuations."

The two sides continue to clash over the fundamental issues that separate them. The ultras have at least given some credit for the attempts to put on open training sessions as requested. The club for their part have admitted that mistakes were made with the botched transfer of Sergej Milinković-Savić from K.R.C. Genk. These, however are a drop in the ocean compared to the larger matters of contention and ADV at the moment seems in no mood to budge.

With thanks to LorenzoCalcio for help with the translations