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Matías Vecino hopes to repay Fiorentina's trust

In a radio interview, the Uruguayan midfielder is happy Fiorentina declined an offer from Napoli and discusses his satisfaction with Fiorentina's transfer window.

Dino Panato/Getty Images

In an interview with Lady Radio, central midfielder Matías Vecino expresses his happiness at remaining in Firenze, and how he hopes to repay the trust the club has shown by refusing an offer from Napoli. It is believed that Maurizio Sarri, Vecino's former coach at Empoli, wanted to bring Vecino to Naples, but Fiorentina has decided that the 24 year old Uruguayan is a valuable part of their future.

Vecino, determined to play a part this season; goes on to express his belief that he has the support of Sousa, despite media allegations that the Fiorentina coach was willing to let him go. Vecino, like a few others, claims Sousa has a similar coaching style to Vincenzo Montella, making adjustments easy for the squad.

For what it's worth, Vecino also gives his approval to the transfer window, as he believes Nikola Kalinic and Jakub Błaszczykowski are both excellent signings, and briefly hinted to the quality of fellow Uruguayan Jaime Báez.

While it is normal for a player to only be positive in an interview, it is good to see that Vecino goes into this season with confidence, increasingly his likelihood to break out and compete for a starting place in Fiorentina's stacked midfield.