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Fiorentina in talks with Borini, submit 6 million euro bid

The Anfield misfit has been tipped for an exit ever since he joined the Reds, with Fiorentina supposedly submitting a bid for him. Furthermore, reports from Italy and England claim that the forward is "in talks" with the club, so it's obviously like totally official.

When you've spent so long on the bench, you forget how to react to that thing.
When you've spent so long on the bench, you forget how to react to that thing.
Michael Steele/Getty Images

Sky Sports and Viola News both report that the agent of Fabio Borini is in talks with Fiorentina. The versatile 24 year old attacker has been linked to a number of Premier League and Serie A clubs this summer, but it seems la Viola may have pulled to the front of the pack for a player Brendan Rodgers apparently can't wait to get rid of. While there are rumblings of a €6 million offer from Fiorentina, apparently the Reds are holding out for at least 8 million.

As previously covered in this space, Liverpool has no interest in the once-promising youth international, who has finally accepted this reality after three years of loans and reserve matches. Primarily a nippy and nimble penalty box operator, his good work rate makes him adequate as a very direct wide attacker as well.

The downsides, of course, are his extensive injury history (although at this point, I get uncomfortable when Fiorentina is linked to a player with a reputation for health), his abysmal goal-scoring record in England (9 in 57 appearances), and his peripatetic history (he left childhood club Bologna for Chelsea aged 10, and has played for six clubs in the past four years). Theoretically, he'd be a like-for-like Rossi backup as a small, clever striker with balky legs and Azzuri aspirations.