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Happy Birthday Fiorentina!

The team in purple celebrates its 89th year today

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Today is Fiorentina's official birthday, having been founded on 26th August 1926. This date marked a merger between two teams: Club Sportivo Firenze and Palestra Ginnastica Fiorentina Libertas, who had both been founded in he 1870's. There was unsurprisingly a fierce rivalry between the clubs but after the First World War, politically powerful Luigi Ridolfi persuaded them to merge - marking the start of  Associazione Fiorentina del Calcio and the club as we know it started to be formed.

The famous purple kits and fleur-de-lys emblem were introduced in 1929 and a new stadium was built and opened in 1931 at a personal cost to president Ridolfi. Their first trophy came in 1939-40 via the Coppa Italia with a 1-0 victory against William Garbutt's Genova 1893 in the final. This would be the first of six Coppa Italia trophies for the gigliati. The club are also twice scudetto winners in their 89 year history in 1955-56 and 1968-69. The trophy cabinet is completed by 1961's UEFA Cup Winners Cup and an Italian Cup Winner's cup in 1996.

While not the most trophy rich club in Italy, in 89 years Fiorentina have amassed a rich history that we can all be proud of.