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Will Cerci replace Joaquin? Probably Not.

Just when you think this market couldn't make any less sense, Di Marzio brings up former castaway Alessio Cerci as a possible Joaquin replacement.

Could we see more of this in the future?
Could we see more of this in the future?
Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

With Joaquin doing whatever he can to force a move back to Spain, it makes a lot of sense that Fiorentina would be considering other wing options, and it would also make sense to look for an Italian replacement.

What doesn't make sense is bringing Alessio Cerci back to Firenze.

Nevertheless, according to Gianluca Di Marzio, Fiorentina is considering a last minute replacement, and Cerci is the "ideal" name to come to mind.

Now Di Marzio is a more reliable source than most in Italy, but he is still a man of gossip first, and he even goes so far as to admit there has been no communication between Milan and Fiorentina so far, making it hard to consider this anything more than speculation (i.e. invention).

As speculation, it sort of makes sense. Cerci is allegedly unhappy at Milan, where playing time has been hard to come by, and as an Italian right-winger, he would serve as both a replacement for Joaquin and free up an international spot for the future.

On the other hand, Cerci, a malcontent during his first stay in Firenze, has flopped at both Atlético Madrid and Milan after a successful season at Torino, and would still have to compete for a starting spot at Fiorentina. After two wingers already forced (or forcing) their way out of Firenze this summer, shouldn't we look for someone who values - and provides - a little stability?

For now we can write this off as tabloid speculation, although after today's evens it's safe to say this transfer window will not go quietly into the night.