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Juan Cuadrado set to spend the season on loan at Juventus

Chelsea are set to continue a summer of strengthening Fiorentina's rivals

Mourinho points out the burning pile of promising young wingers who failed to track their full backs
Mourinho points out the burning pile of promising young wingers who failed to track their full backs
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

After a disappointing six month spell in London, Juan Cuadrado is seemingly set to move to Juventus. The former Fiorentina fan favorite will be loaned to the reigning Italian champions after the move was all but confirmed by the bianconeri sporting director,  Guiseppe Marotta.

While he failed to mention whether the loan would include an option to buy, Marotta did confirm that the the Colombian is set to spend the season in Turin pending the completion of a medical in the coming days.

Once upon a time, Cuadrado was a happy, smiley, dancing young man who darted up and down (and sometimes across) the Fiorentina wing. His dribbling discarded fullbacks in its wake, leaving players spinning like sailors on shore leave, while his occasional thirty yard screamers were something to be savored.

That all changed after Juan met Jose. After moving to London - the home of Oyster cards, the Queen, and cockney rhyming slang - Cuadrado became a changed man. Failing to break into the first team and tehn often dropped from the bench in favor of running-fast-in-a-straight-line enthusiast, Victor Moses, few Stamford Bridge regulars will be sorry to see the back of the Colombian.

As is custom at Chelsea Football Club under Jose Mourinho, fun must be discouraged and ground out of every exciting player. Any thrilling talents must be turned into cogs in the remorseless, dreary, and incredibly successful Mou Mou machine. And so Cuadrado has been shipped back to Serie A in an effort to place him squarely in the shop window.

As we all remember, that fateful winter transfer window which sent Cuadrado to Chelsea brought with it incredible highs and seemingly ridiculous lows. After the legal wrangling of He Who Must Not Be Named this summer, it is far from Florentine minds that another Italian side might sign a faltering Chelsea winger in a loan arrangement, only to be messed around, damaging an entire transfer window and leading to high blood pressure and a swelling swear jar.

No, to wish that on Juventus would be an awful thing. Definitely not what anyone was thinking. At all. No schadenfreude here, no sir. Also not bitter. Not bitter and certainly not hoping such a thing might occur.

Currently hovering above the relegation zone after defeat to Udinese, Juventus have been rebuilding their squad some this summer. After reaching the Champions League final and winning the scudetto, Massimo Allegri's side have lost Andrea Pirlo, Arturo Vidal, and Carlos Tévez over the last three months.

The arrival of Paulo Dybala, Mario Mandzukic, and Alex Sandro have attempted to mitigate the departures but the club are still making moves in the mercato, with Cuadrado set to be the next purchase. The Colombian is already in Turin, with Juventus fans greeting his arrival at the airport with chants of "who doesn't jump is Florentine."

With the move seemingly sealed, it falls on us to wish Juan nothing but ill fortune and offside calls during his exile to Turin. At least he'll have Neto on the bench to keep him company.