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Fiorentina close to sealing deal for Jaime Báez

Jaime Baez of Juventud is supposedly a few short steps away from signing for Fiorentina in one of the summer's most out-of-the-blue moves

Jaime playing for his country and doing his hardest to make Luis Suarez comparisons inevitable
Jaime playing for his country and doing his hardest to make Luis Suarez comparisons inevitable
Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

Arriving with a name like a Westerosi counter culture icon, Jaime Báez is the latest player linked with a move to Florence. Rather than the regular rumor mill retreads, however, sources have indicated that a deal is closer than anyone expected. The striker already has an EU passport, making work permit issues a moot point, and Fiorentina are apparently set to fend off interest from Arsenal and Sevilla.

But what do we know about Báez ? Well, as a Uruguayan striker, we can expect [INSERT LAZY LUIS SUAREZ COMPARISON HERE]. Nominally a support striker, he's played most of his career at Juventud in his home country. He spent the last year on loan at Defensor. In all, he's scored 17 goals in 71 appearances, is five foot ten and favors his right foot.

Perhaps of more interest to Viola fans will be his recent performances in the CONMEBOL U-20 tournament that was held in Uruguay last year. His team came third, and Báez was one of his country's brightest stars in the competition. Added to this, Jaime's father is Enrique Báez, an internationally renowned footballer in his own right who won the 1987 Copa América with Uruguay.

According to some reports, Liverpool were very close to luring the player last winter. With their interest apparently withering away, Fiorentina seem to be set to take the lead in the race to bring Jaime Báez to Europe. While there are no suggestions as to the price of the player, his agent's previous comments seemed to suggest a fee in the region of €2-3 million might tempt the selling club. As such, expect Fiorentina to bid €35,000 and some gum, followed by a renewed offer of a four year loan with an option to think about considering buying the player in ten year's time.