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BatiGol Weekly Ed. 8: All-Nighter(s)

The whole Viola organization just realized that their team is due to start the season on Sunday, and they haven't even started studying. Cue the Red Bull and take out dinners.

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Oh, school. We all remember school, right Viola Nation? School of some kind, even if it was the school of hard knocks. All school is the same, really, and we - silly humans that we are - unfortunately tend to fall into certain patterns when it comes to school.

Namely, procrastination.

It's ok, we've all done it. Whether it's not finishing your thesis until 6 a.m. when it's due at 8 a.m. and furiously wishing that printer could go faster, or putting off your scheduled beatings until tomorrow, or... well however you learned, sometimes you liked to procrastinate on said learning. It's ok.

Drugs aren't the answer to meeting deadlines. Unless it's Adderall, and it buys us a right back

But when a massive sporting organization procrastinates, it can be a little frustrating for the millions of fans who want good things to happen. I mean, don't get me wrong. We aren't at Tottenham Hotspur standards, where Daniel Levy waits until ten minutes before the window closes and then tries to complete 7 moves in 4 countries.

But still, we seem to be leaving a lot to do rather late in the summer transfer window, and with the Serie A season kicking off this weekend, Paulo Sousa has to be a little worried seeing Daniele Prade and his staff pouring over The Idiot's Guide to Young Soccer Players at 3 a.m. and still calling Momma and Poppa Della Valle for money. You could have asked them for a loan months ago! What happened to all that money they gave you so you could go to Egypt? Did that all go to beer?

So, now it's time for that other thing that most of us understand. The all-nighter. And no, not the fun "let's stay up late and eat fatty food and watch scary movies" all-nighter of our youth. The "you are so totally dead if you do not accomplish these difficult time-consuming tasks" all-nighter. The "I will gladly lose a year of my life to be done with this" all-nighter. The... Oh you get the picture. It looks like this:


Or at least, that's the week we hope they will be having. Because this team could get a lot better if they really work hard and shoot for that A that they are totally capable of, instead of being satisfied with just passing the class. Like we all did in school, right? Right?

Should be a fun week.


First off, Alessandro Diamanti has officially joined Watford. Alino scored one really nice goal for us last year, and seemed like a pretty good guy.

Local lad Leonardo Capezzi is off to Crotone, and that could be a good thing and the final step in his development.

According to the rumor-generating machines, the Viola don't want to have any defenders by the time the season starts, as both Marcos Alonso and Jose Maria Basanta are rumored to be leaving.

We signed someone and they have already scored a goal for us! Nikola Kalinic arrived from Dnipro this week.


Chloe has broken down and reassembled the preseason for us in quite delightful fashion.

Well if you haven't read Mario Gomez's open letter to Fiorentina fans, you should totally do that.

We have been resorting to guess-work on what the Viola's final summer transfer window plans might be, but it seems like Prade & Co. still want a midfielder, as we are furiously linked to young but destructive talent Pajtim Kasami and Cagliari's in-demand Donsah.


This might be a huge cop out, but I wanted to give a little golf clap to the whole comment sections below the Mario Gomez and Juan Vargas goodbyes. Thought there were some very insightful and kind words said.

vargas tribute

gomez tribute

Keep up the good work in the comments folks, and get excited for the season kicking off against Milan on Sunday!

Oh, and our annual massive season preview thing will be up by tomorrow morning. I have been sifting through our writers' responses already and there is some great stuff, so look forward to reading through that as well Nation!