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Lucchese 0-3 Fiorentina: Recap and three things we learned

In the penultimate friendly before the Serie A season begins, Fiorentina coasted to a victory of Lega Pro side Lucchese in Lucca.


Fiorentina cruised to an easy win in beautiful Lucca behind first half goals from Gonzalo Rodriguez and Ante Rebic, with Joaquin adding a third in the second half. Lucchese provided a spirited opponent and nearly took the lead before la Viola settled in. Paulo Sousa managed to work most of his (alarmingly thin) bench into the match and the squad avoided injuries, so it can be counted as a successful game. Don't miss the comments from the match thread.


Three things we learned

1.The best players in the side ... are still really good. Gonzalo gonna Gonzalo, and Joaquin is gonna Joaquin. Even Giuseppe Rossi is starting to look a little bit more like the old fenomeno. Yeah, it's against a team in the Lega Pro, but if your good players aren't going to look good against inferior competition, you've got problems.

2. Tatarusanu may not have the starting job sewn up just yet. Voted the flop of the match by, the Romanian was uncharacteristically hesitant and may have a little bit left to do if he wants to hold off loanee Luigi Sepe.

3. The squad badly needs depth. Croatian striker Nikola Kalinic just arrived, which helps, but the bench for this squad was mighty thin. To compete on three fronts, especially with a club that's as star-crossed with regard to injuries as Fiorentina's, necessitates a large and deep squad. With all respect to them - they're obviously better players than roughly 100% of the people on earth - guys like Ricardo Bagadur are Oleksandr Iakovenko are either aren't ready for Serie A, or never will be. This team still needs to sign some good players in the next two weeks.