Mario Gomez writes to Fiorentina fans


Dear Viola fans,

Now, with a bit of distance, I finally write to you. I have thought at length about what and how to write to you. And in the end I'll let my heart speak. Many many thanks for the mega support on your part for the last two years. Things haven't gone as we all would have liked, and we didn't deserve that.

But unfortunately that's how it went. And for this reason I have decided to leave. It was a tremendously difficult decision to make on my part! And when I said farewell to my now ex-teammates on Thursday and was then driving about the city, it was a truly sad moment for me. An emotional moment among the most difficult of my career, because I will carry the city of Florence and most of all you fans in my heart. The devotion and the feeling that you always wanted the best for me, in both years, even in difficult moments like my [first] injury. It was impressive! You have always always cheered for me, at the stadium, on the street, in the restaurants - what a crowd! It leaves me speechless but at the same time it makes me very happy.

Unfortunately this didn't work out well on a sporting level. All the same, I would never have wanted to skip this stop in my career. Maybe as a player [I would], but definitely not as a human being! It's hard to find the right words, but I thank you all for your love! I hope you win the Scudetto! And we will see each other, this is for sure. At this point, Florence is my home.

Forza Viola! Sempre!

Mario Gomez

This was my personal translation, apologies for inaccuracies. Darling Mario also made some mistakes in his Italian, but they were still charming as it meant that he actually wrote it himself. The official Fiorentina website has the full (Italian) text up.