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Ex-Fiorentina David Pizarro signs for Santiago Wanderers

The Pek has signed a new contract with his first club Santiago Wanderers.

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

The Pek era is officially over in Firenze.

While it was clear David Pizarro and Fiorentina were ready to move on, it has become officially official today, as Pizarro's agent Alejandro Santistebán has tweeted a picture of Pizarro signing a contract with his hometown club, Santiago Wanderers. The club is, as previously discussed, confusingly based in Valparaíso, approximately 111 KMs away from Santiago.

Pizarro is set to make his return with the Wanderers in the Copa Sudamericana, which will to begin August 12th. Pek and the Wanderers will face Paraguay's Libertad in the first stage.

Fiorentina will miss Pek's ability to dictate tempo as well as his leadership, and unfortunately it is unlikely we will see a classic volante of his talent again for a long time; however it will be nice to see him end his career on his own terms back where he started. ¡Chau Pek!

In other South American news, Fiorentina's other Chilean midfielder, Matías Fernández, has yet to sign a new contract, and Santistebán is also Matí's agent. Chilean powerhouse Colo-Colo has expressed interest in bringing Matí back, however the Copa América penalty legend has denied the possibility Matí had previously expressed his desire to end his career with El Cacique.