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Zenit shows academic interest in Savic

While there's nothing definite yet, it seems that the St. Petersburg side are doing their due diligence on promising young center backs. Not surprisingly, Savic has popped up as a target. There's more to be seen here, though, by sifting through the murk.

This may be a bit of a reach, but here goes.
This may be a bit of a reach, but here goes.
Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Zenit St. Petersburg are in lukewarm pursuit of Stefan Savic, according to ViolaNews. The Russian club has spoken with Fiorentina "favorite" Fali Ramadani - who is not Savic's agent - in hopes of learning how best to separate players from la Viola.

Savic's valuation is objectively seen to be somewhere between 10 and 15 million euros, although his value to Fiorentina is considerably higher, given his age, ability, consistency, and the general disarray surrounding Fiorentina this transfer season. While the Russian side does have that sweet, sweet oligarchic cash, one would think it will take closer to €20 million to purchase the atrociously mustachioed center back. ViolaNews says as much, indicating that the profit from a €10 million wouldn't be enough to reinvest in Sousa's desired upgrades.

While there isn't an official offer, it seems the Russians will be putting one on the table fairly soon. Should it wind up being enough to reinforce the squad as per Sousa's desire, it might spell the end of Savic's time in Florence (if the Montenegrin would want to move as well, that is).

More chillingly, it shows that clubs are starting to circle around a Fiorentina in chaos; add together the unexpected firing of the beloved and successful Montella, the hiring of young and relatively inexperienced Paulo Sousa, the saga of Salah, and now the basic inability of Prade and co. to bring any players in, and you can see why.

While the "skinny ninja" Daniele Prade has shown a preference for striking later in windows, the appearance of some big vultures illustrates the importance of some early, confidence-boosting activity. As Varys tells us, "Power lies where it is seen to lie." The opposite is just as true. Viola management would do well to show some strength to keep other clubs from coming after them.