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Fiorentina and Le Coq Sportif unveil new shirt in city center

Purple balloons, a live DJ set, squad members, and Paulo Sousa made for a seriously classy kit unveiling in Piazza Santo Spirito

Piazza Santo Spirito was the place to be in Florence tonight as the square was packed with fans of the viola eagerly awaiting a first hand glimpse of Fiorentina stars modeling the new kit.

The facade of the renaissance church - which provides the focal point of the piazza - served as a giant screen for images of the new shirt, along with the phrase used on social media by Le Coq Sportif "Con il cuore viola" (with the purple heart).

Highlights of the evening included a chorus of "who doesn't jump is bianconero" followed by some jumping from new coach Paulo Sousa (already a legend), Giuseppe Rossi talking about his hopes for the season to come, and Khouma Babacar speaking about his happiness about his recent contract renewal.

ViolaNews captured the arrival of the players and shared this video:

If, like me, you wish you could have been there to see it for yourself, at least you can console yourself with the pictures. Le Coq Sportif themselves have been adding plenty of pictures to their official Twitter account, as have ViolaNews, or you can search for images via the #CUOREVIOLA hashtag on social media. Tonight's events - aside from a very small minority booing a bit at general manager Andrea Rogg - were a great opportunity for the fans to celebrate all the positives of the close season so far, after what has been a pretty rough week.