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Who the hell is Ramy Abbas and why can't he shut up?

Salah's agent goes on an all out attack, labelling Fiorentina 'pathetic'

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Football agents are akin to tax men, insurance salesmen and parking attendants in the popularity stakes but Ramy Abbas, agent to Mohammed Salah, has stepped things up a gear and gone all out to attack Fiorentina. Not content with his player using the viola to relaunch his career, then refusing to play for them after they had paid the fee to continue his loan from Chelsea;  he decided to repeatedly attack the club in the press today.

Perhaps it was an attempt to divert some of the criticism away from his player's diva-like behaviour, but even a neutral would agree that his comments are somewhat harsh, especially when he implied that the club's moral and professional values were not what the player expected.

Just in case you weren't aware of what Salah was thinking, Abbas added that the player would "100 percent never return to Fiorentina" and proceeded to name some clubs that he would sign for - i.e. Juventus, Inter, Milan and Roma.

Well we have some news for you Mr. Abbas - Giuseppe Marotta, CEO of Juventus F.C has declared his team out of the running for Salah, stating that he thinks the player will go to a Milan club. People say be careful what you wish for, and wouldn't it be a shame if after all this Salah ended up back on the bench at Chelsea?