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Potential Fiorentina target Vlad Chiriches set to join Napoli

The Romanian captain was linked to the Viola but is now off to join Sarri's crew

Oh. Well, never mind, then.
Oh. Well, never mind, then.
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

The Fiorentina summer transfer window continues to get increasingly complicated, as clear holes refuse to be filled in several areas of the team. The Viola were linked to Tottenham Hotspur defender Vlad Chiriches about a week ago, and the rumors seemed to indicate a deal was imminent as little as a couple days ago.

But Daniele Prade soon after rubbished that Fiorentina was even interested in the 24 year old Romanian international, and it soon became clear that it was another Italian club who was hoping to secure Chiriches as an option in defense. Many reputable sources, including Gianluca Di Marzio, are reporting that Chiriches is in Napoli to sign for the southern Italian giants.

While I was one of the more optimistic voices when the rumor was alive, now that Napoli is taking Chiriches off of Spurs' hands for us, I can stop justifying the move and just be glad that we don't have to stress about how the rehabilitation of Vlad's career will go.

Despite links to a host of other defenders (notably Davide Astori), it's time for fans and media to start desperately linking someone, anyone, to Fiorentina, no matter how unsupported by evidence, as the club continues waiting for someone who never seems to show up. Hey, actually, I've heard we're linked with this mysterious guy named Godot. Let's just hang out here and talk about it until he gets here.