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Former Fiorentina star striker Adrian Mutu is still interview gold

The Romanian remains his, um, "wacky" self, evidenced by this most recent interview

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Did you forget how magnificently weird this guy is?
Did you forget how magnificently weird this guy is?
Enrico Locci/Getty Images

It's been awhile since we heard from former gigliati striker Adrian Mutu. He was moved by God to adopt a baby found in a sewer a couple of years ago, but that's really the last we'd heard from him. In a recent interview with Romanian website Costin Desliu (h/t to, though, Fiorentina's previous fenomeno provided some sparkling sound bytes before jets off to la Viola's partner club FC Pune City for training.

The now 36 year old Mutu first states that his two year contract with the Indian Super League club partially sponsored by Fiorentina will be his last, which will cap off a turbulent career that's included big money transfers; sex, drugs, and maybe some blood drinking (link possibly NSFW); fights; arguments with the Romanian football federation; lawsuits; and some goals. My god, those goals (54 for Fiorentina in 112 appearances).

Adrian went out of his way in the interview to praise former mister Cesare Prandelli, saying that San Cesare was a father to him, showing faith in a player who badly needed it after his catastrophic Chelsea stint.

Mutu finished his interview with a wonderful story about Zlatan Ibrahimovic when they were both still at Juventus. Apparently they were sharing a room one night and Zlatan woke up from a nightmare in which he wasn't as good as Ronaldo, so Adi had to reassure the big Swede that yes, he was better than the Brazilian legend. I'm not sure a more Zlatan story exists.

Anyways, that's your Adrian Mutu update.