A Quick Guide to Posting Images in the Comments

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Here is a quick guide to answer a quite common question of how to attach images in your comments. We could begin by 2-3 paragraphs of background, &c., but this is not a school assignment, so we wouldn't.

And so.

Step 1: Determine. Is it already online or is it on your computer?

If the image you want to attach is already online to begin with (maybe you just found it elsewhere), then right click on the image and choose to "copy image URL", "copy image location" or something to that effect.

This will give you the URL, and you can go to Step 3.

Bypassing Step 2 that way, however, will steal bandwidth from the website you took the image from, which is considered bad manners in many cases. There is also a risk that the URL won't work after a while as the website undergoes changes, so consider to just save the image to your computer and do Step 2 anyway.

Step 2: Use an image hosting site

A number of image hosting services are available and you can use any which one you like according to taste. For the guide we will be using Imgur.

Press on the "upload images" button to do what it claims to do.

The most orthodox way to go from here would be to choose "browse your computer" and get the image from where you saved it earlier. But you can also enter the image URL (as shown in Step 1), drag and drop from your Web browser, or even paste from your clipboard. Any which way will get you what you want.

Once your image(s) are registered to the uploader (see bottom), click on the "start upload" button to make the image available online.

Witness it.

It is up. Either click on it, or right click, "copy image URL/location" to reveal/retrieve the image URL. Sometimes only either works. What you want is this:

That; the thing at the top. "", which is the URL. Copy that to the clipboard, and:

Step 3: Attach the image to your comment

Head to the comment form and find the image icon. To illustrate:

This gives us a nice and lovely, firm, well-attached image.

Step 4: Please resize

There is one other thing—images are often a bit too large and unwieldy on their own, and may tend to ruin the viewing experience by filling an entire screen, taking up more space than necessary.

Your image attachment icon at the comment form doesn't give you this option, but we can outsmart it with our cunning. Swap the "alt" tag with "width" and use a value between 300 to 500. An example would be:

Although in the case of the image we used, resizing is not necessary of course.

* * *

This concludes the quick guide to posting images. I hope this has made us collectively better people with clearer conscience, &c.

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