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Fiorentina interested in Zúñiga?

Although Fiorentina has already signed a fullback, the club may still be looking for more experience on the flanks. One possible solution would be Napoli and Colombia veteran Juan Camilo Zúñiga.

Juan Camilo Zúñiga, 2014 World Cup folk hero.
Juan Camilo Zúñiga, 2014 World Cup folk hero.
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

According to numerous sources in the Italian media, Fiorentina is interested in 29 year old Colombian wingback Juan Camilo Zúñiga, who has been with Napoli since 2009.

Although Fiorentina has already signed another fullback, Brazilian prospect Gilberto, it would make sense that the club would continue to be interested in more experience, and Colombian international Zúñiga is a Serie A veteran with experience playing defense and midfield on both flanks.

Napoli has reportedly entered the Salah soap opera and has made an offer to the Egyptian, and Viola News reports that Zúñiga could potentially be sold to Fiorentina as compensation, similar to the situation with Destro and Roma. The latter deal remains more realistic, as it appears Roma and Chelsea have already agreed on a fee.

Even if or when Napoli gives up on Salah, Zúñiga could remain an option for Fiorentina,but there remains one other obstacle (the usual obstacle) as it appears Zúñiga's wage demands are above what a cost cutting Viola are willing to pay.