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Destro deal may prove peacemaker in Salah situation

The latest installment in the saga hypothesizes the arrival of Destro from Roma to sweeten the pill of the giallorossi acquiring the services of our favourite Egyptian

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Market expert Gianluca DiMarzio has reported that AS Roma are stepping up their interest in ex-viola loanee Mohamed Salah. Walter Sabatini, Sporting Director of the giallorossi has today visited the London club in order to commence negotiations.

The Egyptian comes with some significant baggage, obviously, and the most difficult part of the agreement will undoubtedly be how to pacify Fiorentina, who despite having paid Chelsea for his season-long loan extension for next season were told in no uncertain terms by the players agent that he would not return to Florence.

The viola have already threatened the player and Inter with a legal battle; Inter because they were allegedly aggressive in their pursuit of Salah. Fiorentina have also publicly stated in discussions with Chelsea that they do not want Salah to play in Serie A next season.

Chelsea themselves have been looking to resolve the situation by compensating the Gigliati financially or even offering a player on loan by way of recompense. Roma, meanwhile, are gambling that they have something better to offer since Fiorentina have already enquired about their out-of-favour striker Mattia Destro.

If Chelsea have something to offer in addition - one would assume that this would be at the very least the return of the €1 million already paid for the loan - there could yet be a resolution to the saga without messy legal action. This would all depend on how determined Fiorentina are to see Salah play outside of Serie A next season.