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Sousa blocking Roncaglia to Marseille?

In an unexpected turn of events, Facundo Roncaglia may remain in Florence, even as his agent blasts the club for unprofessional behavior.

Is this really the man we want to anger?
Is this really the man we want to anger?
Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Facundo Roncaglia may not be joining the Great Rightback Exodus of 2015, despite his and Olympique de Marseille's best efforts. The Argentine had agreed to terms with the French club, and it was believed that the deal between the clubs had nearly been reached. However, Roncaglia's agent Claudio Curti spoke to and blasted the club, claiming that Fiorentina and Paulo Sousa in particular had unexpectedly blocked the deal.

"..a lack of respect" towards the player, the club, and the agent

Describing the change as a "lack of respect" towards the player, the club, and the agent, Curti claims that Fiorentina called off the negotiations at the eleventh hour, despite Facundo having already agreed a four year deal with L'OM. The club has yet to respond, so it's unclear what exactly is going on, but, on the surface, this looks like another potential embarrassment for the Viola administration, albeit at a lower level than whatever happened with Mohammed Salah.

Until the management addresses the issue, we won't know if Sousa had any involvement in blocking the deal, which the new manager might have done if he decided that Facundo's rugged defending actually fits into his plans.

It also casts Fiorentina's pursuit of right backs Gilberto, Giulio Donati, and Taulant Xhaka into doubt.

All in all, this is a weird development. Perhaps, tired of seeing players like Montolivo, Ljajic, and Neto leave on Bosmans, the Della Valles have decided to end their policy of allowing players to leave if they no longer want to play for the team. Maybe there are other forces at play. Either way, stay tuned. The summer transfer window from hell rages on.