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Fiorentina 0-0 Gyotir: Three things we learned

The second division Hungarian side held Fiorentina to a scoreless draw, giving Paulo Sousa plenty to think about.

I cannot lie to you. I didn't actually watch this game. From the accounts of it I've found online, it was a pretty dull affair, with the Hungarians playing a very physical brand of ball that Fiorentina probably wasn't ready for this early in the preseason. On the plus side, shots from Stevan Savic and Josip Ilicic hit the post in the second half, so it could have ended with some goals. Even without watching it, though, I think there's a certain amount of information to be mined from this match.

1. Sousa is open to many formations. The Portuguese mister set out in a 4-3-3, but moved to a 3-5-2 after halftime. It's unclear whether the swap was made for tactical reasons, or to accommodate the personnel Sousa wanted to evaluate, or because he wanted some continuity with what Fiorentina did last season.

No matter the reason, I think it's a positive sign. He's not going to completely ditch what's worked at the club for the past several seasons just to ditch it, and is instead choosing to incorporate some of his predecessor's ideas into his own. To me, this indicates a coach who won't make changes just for change's sake.

2. Fiorentina need to be more physical. While this isn't exactly a new development, it's still a pressing one. Every report I've read has said that Gyotir outmuscled la Viola all over the field. While Bangu and Diakhate may be long-term solutions to this problem, the team probably lacks the physicality and toughness that Sousa's looking for. While it's possible that Borja Valero will suddenly channel Gattuso, it seems unlikely, and makes reinforcements appear even more imminent.

3. Sousa is a players' coach. While it would have been easy for a coach to throw his squad under the bus for not getting a win against a Hungarian second division team, Sousa contented himself with saying that his side lacked a bit of hunger in front of goal, but that he wasn't worried in the slightest. Judging from comments from some of the players, Montella will be missed, but Sousa is doing well to continue to build the strong team spirit often talked about in this "group." Given the state of the team, that cohesion may be the difference between Europe and not-Europe.

Some other quick notes:

  • Sousa says that Giuseppe Rossi could make an appearance in the next friendly against Carpi on Saturday.
  • Bangu and Diakhate have been universally praised for the second game in a row, and are becoming the darlings of Moena
  • Marko Bakic sprained his right cruciate ligament in the match and is en route to Florence to determine the extent of the damage