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Pasqual speaks: Salah, Montella, Sousa & Balotelli all on the agenda

Our esteemed captain took to the microphone at the press conference in Moena

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

After the refreshingly honest Gonzalo Rodriguez answered some tricky questions last week at the pre-season retreat in Moena, today it was the turn of captain Manuel Pasqual; who after having arrived in the Val di Fassa yesterday, also spoke candidly about Fiorentina. Despite being in a transitional period, the viola stalwart was able to offer some positivity, noticing that since his arrival he has found energy, smiles and a desire to work among the squad. Below are some highlights from the thoughts of Il capitano:

On Salah:

Pasqual admitted that he was sorry to have lost such a great player that everyone took delight in watching, and that the squad had something less without him.

On Montella:

As expected, Pasqual responded with diplomacy when faced with questions about former manager Vincenzo Montella, stating that of course, he had done well, but that he didn't know what had happened and what had prompted the desire for change.

On Gomez, Rossi and the prospect of Balotelli:

Quietening any talk on the future of Mario Gomez, Pasqual assured that anything said about the German striker comes from outside of the club. He talked of his excitement of seeing Gomez and Rossi playing together - stating that "they are our new signings" When questioned about rumoured transfer target Mario Balotelli, he understandably did not want to comment, only adding that he is a player that "shifts the balance".

On the Calciomercato:

The captain called for calm in the face of the hugely increased spending of the Milan clubs, reminding us that there is more than a month until the start of the season.

On Bernadeschi:

Although not knowing whether the youngster would renew or not, Pasqual not surprisingly, was leaving it up to Sousa to evaluate whether the player would fit into his plans. He did stress, however, that young Bernadeschi does have the necessary quality to continue in Florence.

On Sousa:

The prospect of a new manager is nothing new for Pasqual, who has seen six different coaches since his arrival at the club in 2005. He has quickly understood Sousa's methods in training - noting that he likes to press opponents, as without this, they can play with too much calm and confidence.

With uncertainty and changing times for fans of the viola, Pasqual's words and familiarity bring a feeling of continuity that is much needed at present.