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Fiorentina owner says Salah decision "will come tomorrow morning"

Andrea Della Valle told reporters about today's 'positive' meeting with the player's representatives.

Salah's future remains in doubt
Salah's future remains in doubt
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Fiorentina owner Andrea Della Valle has broken his silence regarding summer transfers and stated that he is optimistic of sealing a deal to see Mohamed Salah return to the Artemio Franchi. Today, the sartorially distinctive ADV was in Milan to talk to the player's representatives. Following the meeting, Viola-focused website asked the owner a couple questions on how negotiations were going.

ADV noted that the "definitive answer" from Salah will come "tomorrow morning" and that he is "optimistic." Asked if he had offered wages totaling the reported €2.8 million, Della Valle answered stepping into his car that he had actually "offered more."

The slow drip of news regarding Salah's future has been enough to titillate and tire in equal measure. Though Fiorentina paid the required loan fee to Chelsea well in advance of the June 30th deadline, the final decision has still not been reached, with many sources continually updating when the day of reckoning was to be. Andrea Della Valle put an end to speculation today by confirming that deadline is tomorrow. The player's final decision is all that's lacking from any prospective deal.

With everyone at the club continuing to remain optimistic regarding the continuation of the loan (or a downright purchase of the Egyptian star), sinister suggestions of circling interest from Juventus, Inter, and other clubs remains a bit worrying. Like sharks waiting to spot the first sign of weakness, other clubs are ready to strike should anything go wrong.

Well, maybe not sharks. Maybe rising damp. Working their way into the cracks in the foundations and making the whole house smell and lose value. No one wants rising damp. Someone should tell Salah.